What makes us

We partner with clients that we believe in, who inspire us and whom we inspire. We have achieved astonishing things and we continue to innovate together.

Our goal is to be far more than just programmers: we want to become technological partners with our clients, combining our tech knowledge with their business expertise, to accomplish their goals in the most efficient and smart way

Our team is made up of great developers, passionate to create new software and to keep on learning which allows us to give the best solutions to our customers.

How we work

We work with Agile methodologies and Lean Startup, those principles are the fundaments of what we do.

Our process of iterative design ensures that we avoid building unnecessary functionalities and high costs, ending up with a well-crafted and engaging app delivering business value to our clients from day one.

Our Values

Forge Strong Relationships

Empathy Mindset

Fully commited

Keep high standards

Adapt to change

Quality over quantity

The Team

Rafael De Marco

CEO & Co-Founder

Joaquín Anduano

CTO & Co-Founder

Kevin Liu

Sr. Business Developer & Engineer

Santiago Ducós

FullStack Developer

Paula Bordes

Graphic Designer

Federico Blengio

FullStack Developer

Agustín Kuster

FullStack Developer

Catalina Moller

QA Tester

Nashive Climent

Sales representative

Mateo Borrazás

FullStack Developer

Santiago Baro

FullStack Developer

Juan Luna

FullStack Developer

Antonio Barreda

FullStack Developer

Elier Maceo

FullStack Developer

Carlos Martinez

FullStack Developer