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ReelQuest is the go-to app for fishing enthusiasts and businesses alike. Anglers can access real-time weather updates, fishing conditions, species identification, and more to enhance their fishing adventures.

ReelQuest is the App for:

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The Challenge

The challenge involved developing a mobile application for both Android and iOS under a stringent deadline, incorporating a polished and detailed design.

The app needed to handle payments seamlessly using Stripe, enabling users to access various fishing tournaments.

This required meticulous planning and execution to ensure a user-friendly interface and robust functionality, aligning with the high expectations for performance and aesthetics.

The Solutions

ReelQuest mobile app main and booking screen

Flutter Mobile App

The creation of a mobile app built with Flutter, which greatly enhanced development speed by allowing a single codebase to be deployed natively across multiple platforms.

This approach not only met the tight deadlines but exceeded client expectations in every aspect of the project.

The app features a sophisticated design, efficient payment integration using Stripe for tournament access, and robust functionality that delighted the client, who was particularly impressed with our ability to deliver more than what was requested.

2,000 + Users

Using the app to join tournaments

Flutter Web App

In addition to the mobile app, we also developed a web application using Flutter, tailored for tournament hosts to manage their events efficiently.

This platform provided a seamless experience for hosts, aligning with the unified codebase approach, and ensured that managing the intricacies of tournament logistics was as streamlined as using the mobile app.

This comprehensive solution significantly enhanced the client's operational capabilities, receiving high praise for its functionality and the added value it delivered.

100 + Tournaments

Created through our app

ReelQuest mobile app main and booking screen

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