Pike Aviation

Tailored CRM & ERP

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Pike Aviation specializes in providing flight support solutions for general aviation trips throughout Latin America & the Caribbean, since 1990.
They offer services for most type of aircrafts in more than 100 airports within 40 countries and islands.
Strategically located in Latin America & the Caribbean, Pike is your local partner with regional reach.

Digital transformation

In this project we became technological partners with the client. They needed to digitalize their busyness process and they did not have their requirements very clear.

Agile development

Using agile methods and meeting with Pike very often, we worked with sprints to easy test and check the new functionalities, for easy discover of any changes that need to be

Easy to use

Pike Aviation has a very complex structure and work methods. We assured that the flow in their web is the best and that they can easily use it.


A lot of interesting data and reports is able to export from the Software, allowing Pike to plan their busyiness decitions with more info.

Responsive Design

The software can be used in many devices for their best needs.


As Pike has a lot of branches, and what one branch does affects another, we implemented a notification system in the Web and also mail notifications.



Some quick screenshots of the CRM & ERP made for Pike