Machine learning

We built a machine learning based detection system that focuses on optimizing Foxsys' intrusion detection. The system built is able to detect people, cars, bikes, covered faces and even suspicious events!

We researched into the area find the AI technology that best suited this scenario, so that the alarms are only triggered sparely

The operators now can check 3x the amount of cameras with the same effort. The client now has the power to keep growing without having to linearly increase their staff.

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Custom CRM & ERP

We have built many tailored CRMs and ERPs for our customers. We improved their day to day, making their work faster, more efficient, and more beautiful.

We use AGILE methodologies and always seek the solution with the best value and smallest cost.

We help our clients define their objectives with the smallest possible investment, and we use automated testing, which lets us grow without bugs scaling

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Mobile APPs

We have a team that loves building beautiful apps.

We use new technologies to build fabulous, stunning apps, and deploy them to multiple platforms in record time.

We have accomplished big tasks such as integrating a video call, with door opening for buildings in our apps

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