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At FlowLabs, we're not just a software factory— we're your strategic partner in implementing cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning solutions. Leveraging the latest in technology and research, our team of highly-qualified professionals delivers custom-tailored, agile solutions designed to unlock the hidden value in your data.

We offer a range of AI tools and platforms, including machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, NLP tools for text analysis, and computer vision technology for image and video analysis. We help businesses improve their operations, make informed decisions, and stay competitive in an AI-driven marketplace.

NLP Explanation

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Understanding human language is a complex task, but one that can offer immense benefits in terms of automation, analytics, and user interaction. Our NLP services include:

  • Chatbots
  • Text Summarization and Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
Body Tracking with IA

Computer Vision

In the age where data is not just textual or numerical, understanding images and videos is crucial for any business aiming to offer unparalleled user experiences. Our Computer Vision services include:

  • Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Image Classification and Segmentation
  • Facial Recognition
  • In real time!

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A real time pose detection software that detects over 2500 cameras in real time.
It detects people and suspicious behaviors, allowing to classify those events, and reduce the number of events they have to process.

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